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Dad Wants Book Banned From Middle School Library | News

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Dad Wants Book Banned From Middle School Library

A father said he wants a book taken out of Jamestown Middle School because of language that he considers too vulgar.

Mark Faucette's son, Matthew, 11, checked out a book from the school's library called "Hoops." Written by award-winning author Walter Dean Myers, the book follows a teenager making life decisions as he grows up in a rough neighborhood.

"I started reading it myself and it had the n-word in there several times. I also saw references to assault on a female, actually some sexual content in the book, and I became very alarmed," Faucette said.

Faucette met with administrators at Jamestown Middle School in November, telling them that middle school-aged children are too impressionable to read language like what's in the book "Hoops."

"He doesn't know these words, he hasn't been taught these words, we don't say these words at home. We don't discuss sexual things at home, we don't discuss abuse on a woman at home," Faucette said.

The school's media advisory committee in November voted unanimously to keep the book in its library because "the lessons of empowerment, coupled with a character that is easy to identify with, make this a valuable resource for young adults."

"I really like the message that it's sending to the student. You can overcome the situation that you're in, but it's about making choices," Jean Howard, Guilford County Schools program administrator for library media services, said.

Another committee, consisting of school staff, parents and a student, met with Faucette Thursday. The committee decided to meet again next week after they have spoken with attorneys.

"Initially, I want it out of Jamestown Middle School. Secondly, I want it out of every middle school in Guilford County," Faucette said.

The book is listed in several catalogs that school libraries use to stock books, and is found in libraries of middle schools across the country, Howard said.


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